• Portugal Têxtil - Fevereiro 2018

    New life has also given Marita Moreno to the waste of the industry in the "Upcycling" line - which joins "Vegan" and "Sustainable" within the 100% sustainable collection of footwear and accessories brand. "It is our first sustainable collection, we used vegetal leather, cork and leather without chromium," says founder Marita Setas Ferro.

    "The goal is to become 100% sustainable," he says. Since its inception in 2008, Marita Moreno has committed to the use of national materials, "about 80% to 95% are Portuguese materials, both artisanal and industrial". Skin, wool, cork, burel, linen and cotton have dominated the list of raw materials used in the footwear and wallets of the brand, which are aligned in a contemporary aesthetic, to which are added elements of heritage. USA, England and Germany already adorn themselves in Portuguese thanks to Marita Moreno.