• Monika Tu, member of the jury, explains that Portuguese brands have revealed harmony, quality, comfort and environmental concern and "put a visa on all boxes, so they deserved to be winners." Marita Moreno, 7Hills and Elementum have developed their participation, precisely, around the motto 'crafting the future inspired by you', emphasizing a fashion approach focused on the harmony between comfort, quality and environmental concern.Commenting on the award with one voice, the winning brands claim to have received the news: "With great enthusiasm and pride.

    The prize is about recognition through the junction between the cultural element of the country that we are representing with the realization of a cohesive collection that represents that culture. Our greatest inspiration is Portugal and everything that has the best: nature, culture, cuisine, our light, our people. "The award received by the Portuguese brands allows them to receive invitations to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that is held in Sydney in May, mentoring and networking sessions aimed at addressing the fashion industry in Australia.

    It also foresees the possibility of the winning brands giving a presentation to students at the TAFE NSW school dedicated to vocational education with courses in the field of fashion.The participation of the brands Elementum, 7Hills and Marita Moreno at this event was coordinated by AICEP-Australia, emphasized by the FOMA organization recognizing the difficulty of coordinating three Designers remotely and achieving such a harmonious and successful result. Support that the brands claim to have been key to the end result.