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Marita Moreno

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Bio Leather Ethical Made In Portugal Social Responsibility Sustainable Transparency

Mary Jane is a lady flat round shoe made with Portuguese bio leather. They are inspired in the classic Mary Jane with bright colour giving them a refresh and youth look.

These shoes have an excellent fit with the cushioned heel and a very soft and comfortable walk. The stripe for adjusting to the ankle is perfect for happy days walking or staying at the comfort of home. We use hand painted multi-coloured irregular spots and black bio leather – a green material that have no heavy metal on its composition and could be buried and dissolves in 2 to 3 weeks, serving as a natural compost.


- Exterior in bio leather;

- Lining in natural bio leather with anti-bacterial treatment.

- Comfort insole in polyurethane sponge;

- Cushion heel in polyurethane sponge;

- Sole in natural rubber;

- Made in Portugal.

Bio leather Line - Marita Moreno's bio leather line is produced in wet-white based leather that doesn’t have any chrome or heavy metal. The Bio leather can disappear in nature between 2 to 3 weeks without polluting the environment. This product is chemically innocuous, it is compostable and suitable to produce fertilizers. Leather industry is a recycled industry, due it works with the remains from the food industry.

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