The Foz Côa collection is inspired by the prehistorical engravings at the rocks in the Côa River. The landscape of coarseness contrasted with the delicacy of the recorded drawings, gave rise to a collection of shoes and boots for men and women.
The Key styles of WOMAN collection include low and high heeled shoes, boots and bootlegs with sculptural forms.
The MAN collection has strong shoes and boots with leather soles, straight cuts and metal images from bull and deer pre-historical drawings

“Space 1999” Collection has comfort shoes inspired by the TV series and the moon images. Made with leather and burel (Portuguese 100% wool cloth resistance to rain and cold and semi-artisanal).
MAN collection reflects the dark side of the moon, with neutral and dark colors and silver spots like the thin reflection of the Sun light.
The WOMAN collection reflects the bright side of the moon, with bright and vibrant colors and gold spots, like sunbeams. With texture contrast, high platforms an and a strong palette, this collection is very sportive and comfortable for day wear.

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