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Dali Derby Red & Black Shoes

Marita Moreno

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Ethical Handmade Local Product Made In Portugal Social Responsibility Sustainable Transparency Vegan

Dali Derby Red & Black is a very comfortable vegan shoe with Poplar wood platform (painted in Black), that adjust the foot by black side shoelaces. The models of our classic Dali line have been adapted to a wedge structure, keeping the design unique and comfortable. Made in vegan microfiber and with a twist, it’s inspired by the painting "The Persistence of Memory" by Salvador Dali. Like the clocks in this Dali’s famous painting, shoes are distorted and deformed, so traditional cuts of the shoes are removed, with a dash of surrealism.

With a high contrast red shoe with black wood, this vegan approved by PETA® shoe has an excelente fit and very confortable walk due to the flexible poplar wood platform that absorbd the impact of walking. The anti-perspirant and anti-odor recycled & vegan microfiber lining, the natural rubber sole and the shoe laces for adjusting to the foot turn this edgie shoe in a very comfortable one The microfiber is a high quality, resistente and vegan material with an ecologic Certification, this material has ecological practices by collecting their mains of cutting and production from the brands to recycle them in new materials.


  • - Vegan aproved by PETA®
  • - Handmade platform in Poplar wood painted in black;
  • - Exterior in vegan onMicro;
  • - Lining in anti-perspirant and anti-odor recycled & vegan microfiber;
  • - Platform height: 8 cm (back) and 5 cm (front)
  • - Comfort insole in polyuretane sponge;
  • - Sole in natural rubber.

Vegan Line - Marita Moreno’s Vegan Line is 100% free from use of animals and animal cruelty. All of the products that belong to this line are Vegan Approved by PETA®.

The platforms from our shoes are made in Poplar wood, a very light, flexible and resistant natural material and therefor used for shoes platforms. The poplar trees grow near the rivers so they have plenty of water at their disposal what makes this wood so flexible and so light. These platforms are handmade in a family factory in S. J. da Madeira, where the owner, the wife and the son work to draw, cut, sand and paint in a space full of instruments and machines as carpenter workshop.

Designed and made in Portugal in a Sustainable and Ethical perspective way - using only portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.

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