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Foz Côa Ribeira Piscos Man Boots

Marita Moreno

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Ethical Handmade Local Product Made In Portugal Social Responsibility Sustainable Transparency

Ribeira Piscos man boots are made from brown handpainted cracklet leather and beije burel to creat a sharp contrast of colors and textures in a very robust boots. The earth tones from RIBEIRA PISCOS model cames from the rocks, the land, the river side and is inspired by the pre-historical animal engravings at the rocks in the Côa River - the strong structure with straight cuts like “gaiters” and the flap with the metal images from bull pre-historical drawings, takes on the boot's focal point. The leather has a “cracklet” surface, like the rocks and the dry lands left by the river floods.

A limited and numbered edition of 100 pairs

The brown handpainted cracklet leather is Portuguese and made specially for this collection.

Burel – a 100% wool cloth produced by a certified Artisanal Production Unit (UPA) of 4th generation family, located in Manteigas, Serra da Estrela. Burel's authenticity results from a sequence of specific operations in the manufacturing process. The wool, after being shorn, washed, spun, woven into the organ and woven into the loom, is trodden on a machine called “pisão”, which knocks and scalds the wool, transforming the fabric into burel, making it tighter, more resistant and waterproof.


  • - Unique Design
  • - Exterior in blue leather and blue burel.
  • - Traditional leather sole
  • - Handmade Stitches
  • - Lining in leather
  • - Comfort insole in Polyuretane foam

This collection was created from the rocky landscape and the pre-historic figures recorded in Côa Park. After several visits to the park and the Côa Museum, which provided images of the drawings used in this collection. The landscape of coarseness contrasted with the delicacy of the recorded drawings, gave rise to a collection of shoes and boots for men and women with sculptural forms and sharp contrasts of colors like the ones present in the rocks of Côa River.

The use of burel and rough surface leather, with metal applications where the drawings of Foz Côa are recorded, create design objects that transport us to the landscape of typical rocky slopes of the Douro and the Côa Rivers.

Designed and made in Portugal in a sustainable and ethical perspective way - using only Portuguese factories and handmade crafts to create its designs.

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