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  • Portugal Têxtil - June 2017

    Marita Moreno to the conquest of the world

    Born in 2008, Marita Moreno has long been walking on her own foot and has made strides across borders - USA, England and Germany already adorn themselves in Portuguese. Design is the driving force behind the fashion accessories brand, with particular emphasis on national heritage elements, which serve as the guiding thread for collections.


    Marita Moreno was introduced after founder Marita Setas Ferro decided that it was "time to move forward with a solo project" that was related to her background in sculpture, as she told Portugal Têxtil.

    Beginning as a clothing and accessories brand, in 2016, The portuguese label has undergone a rebranding, restricting production to fashion accessories - footwear and bags for men and women - and betting on exclusivity, with only 100 pieces per model being produced.


    Vegan line

    The brand's latest bet is a unisex vegan footwear line. "In this season we launched the Vegan line, in which we do not use any type of component and animal exploitation in the manufacturing process", explains Marita Setas Ferro, adding that it is a young, fun and sporty line that mixes cork dyed with fabric 100 % cotton "and that, considering the success of the line," it will continue in the next seasons ".

    In all the collections of Marita Moreno, the national materials are privileged, "about 80% to 95% are Portuguese materials, both artisanal and industrial". Skin, wool, cork, burel, linen and cotton make up the list of raw materials used in footwear and wallets of the brand, which are aligned in a contemporary aesthetic, to which are added elements of Portuguese heritage carefully selected to be inserted in a specific line to each season.


    Tile as inspiration

    In the current collection, the feminine line What about Skin presents leather details with patterns that refer to the Portuguese tile. The price of shoes in the current collection varies between 205 and 359 euros. Bags start at 289 euros.

    With its own workshop to produce the «handmade» bags in Miramar, and the help of a family factory in São João da Madeira to develop the collection of footwear, Marita Moreno intends to increase «briefly» the team in the area of ​​production / confection.

    "We have a close relationship with our suppliers and partners and it is fundamental for us to know who manufactures our products," says Marita Setas Ferro.


    For sale in multi-brand stores from north to south of the country and on online platforms such as Minty Square, Marita Moreno's next step is the launch of its own online store, and active presence in social medias is also part of the marketing strategy.

    "We are also in the process of internationalization," he adds, noting that recently the company based in Lourosa had two projects approved under Portugal 2020, namely in the areas of entrepreneurship and internationalization. "At moment we are  in the USA, England and Germany markets, our next goal will be Northern Europe, Asia, Middle East and we want to consolidate the American market, which has a lot of potential for our type of product", says the founder of Marita Moreno, noting that "the Portuguese market, despite the difficulties encountered in relation to its size and the profile of buyers, remains essential for the brand"