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  • O Regional - Março 2018

    Marita Moreno's participation in FOMA came from an invitation from AICEP, and the businesswoman underlined the "opportunity to cross some oceans and reach Australia." "We have an approved project of internationalization by the North2020 and even if Australia is not in our expansion plans in the first phase, it is undoubtedly a great market that interests us immensely."It was with "much enthusiasm and pride" that Marita Moreno received the award she sees as "recognition through the junction between the cultural element of the country that we are representing with the concretization of a cohesive collection that represents this culture."Assuming Portugal and "everything that has the best", such as "nature, culture, cuisine, our light, our people" as their "greatest inspiration", so that their products "use local endogenous resources and national, artisan and industrial and we are constantly in search of how we can create and produce design objects with history that are used in everyday life, "Marita Moreno considers this award as" a recognition "that she is" on the right track as a brand ".According to information released by AICEP, Monika Tu, member of the jury, explains that the Portuguese brands revealed harmony, quality, comfort and environmental concern and "put a visa on all boxes, so they deserved to be winners tonight." The three brands have developed their participation around the motto 'crafting the future inspired by you', emphasizing a fashion approach focused on the harmony between comfort, quality and environmental concern.The award received by the Portuguese brands allows them to receive invitations to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week that takes place in Sydney in May, mentoring and networking sessions aimed at addressing the fashion industry in Australia. It also foresees the possibility of the winning brands giving a presentation to students at the TAFE NSW school dedicated to vocational education with courses in the field of fashion. The participation of the brands Elementum, 7Hills and Marita Moreno at this event was coordinated by AICEP-Australia, emphasized by the FOMA organization recognizing the difficulty of coordinating three designers remotely and achieving such a harmonious and successful result.

    Brand bets on sustainability

    "The fashion accessory market is extremely competitive and constantly evolving, we have to anticipate and believe that it is necessary to do something different. We always give priority to national materials, we have a close connection with our suppliers and partners and it is fundamental for us to know who manufactures our parts. "
    Ethics, transparency in production and social responsibility have always been values ​​intrinsic to the brand. In the summer of 2017 the brand bet on the Vegan line, assuming its "environmental responsibility as a company and the importance of producing in a sustainable way". From the Spring / Summer collection18, the brand launched the challenge of becoming "100% sustainable".
    "We want to consolidate the brand with what we do each season: high-quality, distinctive pieces with a very appealing and contemporary design to which elements of Portuguese heritage are carefully selected to be inserted in a specific line each season, but each time the more we have to be aware of the changes and needs of the market and respond quickly to these changes. "
    Marita Moreno is a Portuguese brand of fashion accessories, mainly bags and shoes, which uses high quality materials in the design of its parts, part of which is based in S. João da Madeira.
    All models have the possibility of customization and the brand is already present in Portugal, England, Italy and the United States.