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  • Jornal N - Fevereiro 2018

    It was on February 9th that Marita Moreno brand presented its Fall Winter 2019 collection, with the collective of designers who are part of Flying Solo.This is the second time that the well-known Concept Store of New York invites the Portuguese brand to the parade, but it was the first time the 100% sustainable collection was presented, Marita Moreno, based in Lourosa, is a brand of fashion accessories , suitcases and shoes, but it is much more than that.

    The ecological component, the bet on customized and handmade products, as well as its own aesthetic, make up its identity, increasingly marked. In the event held at the famous Pier 59 Studio in New York, the Portuguese brand presented its 100% sustainable collection divided into the upcycling, Vegan and sustainable lines. Marita Setas Ferro, designer and executive director of the brand, told Jornal N how internationalization came about, and what projects for the future. "The brand has existed for almost 10 years, but has undergone a rebranding for about two years, the orientation has become pair fashion accessories, rather than clothing- explains.

    The fashion designer decided to keep the exclusive concept of the brand: "from the beginning we made special and unique garments, with a strong handmade component, when we moved to the fashion accessories was with the same goal. So we had four stations with limited and numbered series, with possibility of product customization "- she says .The designer confesses that it was the requests for vegan products that led the brand to embrace a totally sustainable path. "This change was natural according to market demands, we started using cork and cotton in the vegan line and we have now chosen to create upcycling, a recycling line, because we know that sustainability requires reuse. In this line the number of pieces is always an unknown "- she says.


    The concern with the environment was always a distinctive mark of the stylist who assumes that "10 years ago it was already known that the way had to be that of sustainability in terms of fashion, because it is not possible to make a conscious journey in the industry with the quantity of garbage generated by the market "- underlines.

    Marita Setas Ferro understood that originality and production with unique and special handmade trends was the way to her presence in the fashion world, while fast fashion evolved in the world markets. It was this distinction in the care of production allied to a very own aesthetic that caught the attention of the international public. The brand is present in Portugal, England, Italy and the United States, and the plan is to "conquer" Canada where demand for sustainable products is great.

    The invitation to Flying Solo in New York came from the presence in other parades "we had paraded in Paris and London and we were approached to integrate Flying Solo." The director of Marita Moreno admits that the brand "is very young", but argues that the placement of the product in the market had a decisive role to reach its audience, "we tried a different approach, which was to make a more direct experience in the most iconic, was what happened for example in Berlin, It was a bet that allowed to perceive the sensitivity of our public. And who is this target audience? "They are people who like design, it is not an age issue because we have clients of 18 years and 65 years, these people like articles with some story to tell" - Advance the designer.

    Incidentally, this is another characteristic of the brand. "Portuguese culture has always had a huge importance in the creations, for example, this year I will have a line called Azores, because an artisan comes to form people in weaving for some articles" - Affirms. Of course, all this concern about the identity of each piece comes at a cost, some of the Marita moreno items, fall into the category of luxury, but others are more accessible. "When we talk about unique articles, they are a little more expensive, we have numbered bags of about € 300 or € 350, and some shoes on the order of € 200, and some close to € 300 - explains," there are more branded articles accessible, we have smaller bags and backpacks in cork in the order of 60 € "- defends. Visit the brand page at www.maritamoreno.com